Q- Why should I book a Professional DJ service?

A- The entertainment or “ lack of ” can make or break your event. You have gone through the trouble of choosing a hall, a caterer, a decorator and a professional photographer, why not a professional DJ service? Not everyone will remember what they ate but they will remember the music and the great time they had dancing the night away! Of all the elements, the entertainment will have the most impact on your venue. With this, more questions come to mind.

Q- How much will an event cost me?

A- As every car is different, every venue is different. When you shop for a car, do you just ask how much is a new car? There are cars, vans, SUVs, they can be big, small, automatic or manual and so on… Your venue is quite the same. You have many options, some that you may or may not want. Once we see what your needs are, then we can give you an exact price.

Q- Why pay more for a professional DJ service?

A- For one thing, there is the peace of mind! You don't need to worry about every little detail, that's our job. A professional DJ can read the crowd and knows how to keep the dance floor full. There are also the countless hours spent honing their mixing skills and finding new music.

Q- Does your DJ use professional equipement and does he have backup equipement?

A- Here at QuantumSound, we only use professional equipement and always have more than we need at your venue, just in case.

Q- Does your DJ have legal copies of music that he or she will be playing or will they be pirated copies downloaded from the internet?

A- We purchase all of our music which is AVLA approved and constantly update our database to make sure that you get the latest music in your selection.

Q- How will the DJ be dressed?

A- No beige polo shirts and jeans here! We dress in elegant black attire as to better blend in with the backround. Also your guests will see that you took the effort to use professionals.

Q- Do your DJs Drink?

A- NO! We have a no drinking policy. We are limited to coffee, tea and soft drinks. The last thing that you want is a drunken DJ!

Q- Do you take requests?

A- Of course! At formal events, we even take the time to go to each table for requests and to introduce ourselves to your guests!

Q- Will the music be continuous?

A- Yes! From the time your venue starts until it ends, there will always be music playing unless you ask otherwise, for example: speeches, special announcements or prayers.

Q- Beside the music, what else do you supply?

A- We can supply you with the Master of Ceremony, take care of your kissing games, centrepiece givaways, bouquet/garter toss, all announcements and any other games. We also supply a light show that your guests will be sure to enjoy, uplighting and offer many other options.

Q- We have booked a band. Do we still need a DJ and can we have both?

A- Yes! If you wish to go that route, we have worked with live bands before. Most bands do not play for the cocktail hours, dinner and have breaks between "sets". We can provide the cocktail and dinner music and fill in between sets. Don't forget the animation that we supply. Can the band play requests? We can!