If you are looking for that little extra something that will make your event that much more exciting and memorable, here ia a brief list of the options we have for you.

 Wireless Lapel Microphone:  When you are having an outdoor ceremony or are in a large hall, this is a must for your Priest/Pastor/Justice of the Peace.

 Fog Machines:  This greatly enhances the effect of the lights and lasers and is really cool for Halloween and Dances!

 Low Lying Fog:  This is a dramatic effect for a first dance or Halloween.

 Haze Generator:  This great for enhancing the lights and lasers but without the thick smoke effect.

 Gobo Light:  Would you like to see your name in lights? This is a great way for any event to say Congratulations, Happy New Year, Happy Birthday or anything you wish your guests to see! It can be projected anywhere and it rotates too.

 Bubble Machine:  This effect can make a much more fun atmosphere for a first dance or any themed evening.

 Uplighting:  This lighting effect will give your head table or dining room that touch of class that will also give a certain warmth to the room's atmosphere.

 Waterfall lighting Effect:  This is great effect if you have a large wall area to project onto.

 Firebowls:  This is a really great effect for Halloween or just to hang or place on pillars to help give a Roman, Greek or Egyptian theme.

 Video projector and or screen:  This is a must for those who have gone through the troubles of putting together a video presentation or it can be used for music videos during the dance portion of your event. (Your guests will love this!)

 Confetti Canon:  Nothing makes an entrance with a bang or says Happy New Year like this effect!

 Interactive Games:  Want to do more than just dance? How about having your guests get up and play a few games and laugh a little?

 Music Request Slips:  If you like, we can leave these on your guests' tables as so they can request some of their favorite dance songs.


You can email us at:  events@quantumsound.ca